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No Ordinary Arrival!

Ethiopian Arrival February 2019

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22 Mar 2019
No Ordinary Arrival!

A very special flight from Addis Ababa landed at Ben Gurion airport in early February 2019. On this flight were 83 Ethiopian Jews finally cleared to make Aliyah. Some had been waiting their entire lives to return to their ancestral homeland and reunite with family members. This was no ordinary arrival.

While ICEJ staff members waited with the local families for the Olim (new immigrants) to arrive, we heard numerous stories of family members waiting to meet a mother, brother, or grandmother they had not seen in 12, 18, or even 38 years! Their longing was palpable.

ICEJ VP Barry Denison greeted the immigrants as they stepped off the plane. As soon as the first Olim entered the arrival hall, an entire mob of family members flooded to greet them. Frail old grandmothers in wheelchairs embraced grandchildren they were meeting for the first time. Almost instantly songs and drumming broke out in the room. At last, families were reunited in their true homeland.

The ICEJ has pledged to pay for the flights of all 1,000 Ethiopian Jews approved for 2019, and this was the first of many joyful reunions. Together we can bring them back home.

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