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New Beginnings in Africa

North, South, East, & West Africa!

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11 Sep 2019
New Beginnings in Africa

The Lord is birthing something new in East Africa!
By: Camille Troc

This summer, Dr Mojmir Kallus, the ICEJ’s VP for International Affairs, Barry Denison, VP for Operations, and Israeli pastor Birlie Belay travelled to Mwanza, Tanzania for a regional conference aimed at expanding the ICEJ’s impact in East Africa. The delegation from Jerusalem received an impressive welcome. Indeed, there is nothing quite like African hospitality! Local African Christians were singing and dancing and expressing their genuine excitement over greeting the ministry team from Israel.

Held on the shores of beautiful Lake Victoria, the conference drew hundreds of bishops, pastors and other church leaders and laymen from across East Africa, all with a burning desire to learn more about Israel and to see God’s purposes for their nations fulfilled. This gathering was the very first ICEJ regional conference in East Africa. Representatives came from the Swahili-speaking nations of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda to hear about God’s enduring covenant with the Jewish people and discover Africa’s important role in blessing Israel.

“It was encouraging to witness such great enthusiasm to learn about the things God is doing in Israel”, said Dr Kallus. “After much positive feedback from the participants, we know that the Lord is on the move. God is birthing something new in the hearts of these leaders.”

Word of the meeting spread quickly and a representative of the Regional Commissioner came to address the conference and greet the visitors from Jerusalem. Her visit was even covered by the national television.

The East Africa regional conference was a success because of the incredible work of our team in ICEJ-Tanzania, who prayed, fasted and put immense effort into organising this ground-breaking event. They even went above and beyond by traveling to neighbouring countries to recruit participants. In addition to covering all the costs of the conference, plus accommodations and meals for all the visiting pastors from the surrounding countries, they also collected offerings for Aliyah with such dedication that our team came back with more than US$18,000 in donations.

This conference not only bolstered the work of the ICEJ in Israel, it also blessed and encouraged unity among the local churches and leaders in East Africa. We anticipate opening several new branches in these East African nations unified by their common Swahili language, while special editions of the Word From Jerusalem magazine are also in the works in their native tongue.


A Fresh Start for ICEJ-South Africa
By: Dr Mojmir Kallus, VP for International Affairs

From the founding of the ICEJ in 1980, our national branch in South Africa has always been a source of strong support and unique contributions to our work and ministry. After a time of restructuring and transition to new leadership, the South African branch is poised for new growth and great things ahead.

“South Africa is a multi-cultural Christian country where many have a strong heart for God”, explains Vivienne Myburgh, the ICEJ-South Africa national director for the past two years. “We are experiencing open doors from a wide spectrum of believers who want to understand the heart of the Father for His son, Israel, and to hear more about the outworking of God’s plans for the Jewish nation in these days.”

Here are some achievements for which we are grateful:

First, ICEJ-South Africa has excellent relations with the local Jewish communities and leadership and its leaders have been invited to speak at their conferences on several occasions. Vivienne Myburgh even received the Jerusalem Prize from the World Zionist Organisation in recognition of her commitment to the nation of Israel and the South African Jewish community.

ICEJ-South Africa is partnering with committed Indian pastors who have opened a satellite ICEJ office in the Natal area.

We have experienced open doors in neighbouring Namibia to teach about Israel and to lay a foundation there for the establishing of the work of ICEJ.

Membership has increased more than four-fold to over 10,000 members within the last two years.

The branch has generated over $140,000 in donations towards the work of the ICEJ in the last 20 months.

Finally, we must give due recognition to all the faithful pioneers who ploughed the ground for the ICEJ in South Africa since the early 1980s.


ICEJ Impacting West Africa for Israel
By: David Parsons, VP & Senior Spokesman

Over the past decade, the ICEJ was able to establish a number of national branches in West Africa and to encourage attendance at our Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. These efforts have been bearing much fruit. For instance, over 600 pilgrims from French-speaking West Africa made the journey to Jerusalem last year to take part in the Feast. We were also blessed by the anointed preaching of Nigerian pastor Dr Enoch Adeboye, as well as the powerful singing of a gifted worship team from Togo.

This year, we are anticipating an even larger number of West African pilgrims, coming from such countries as Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo. Some are coming with the blessing and sponsorship of their governments, and we even expect several national delegations to include members of parliament and perhaps cabinet ministers. The ICEJ and our Feast celebration is becoming more widely known thanks to the cooperation of Christian broadcasters like Dieudonne Gollett of LMTV, based in the Ivory Coast.

With the able advice and ministerial experience of our all-Africa coordinator, Rev. Mosy Madugba of ICEJ-Nigeria, we expect the ICEJ’s impact in West Africa and all across the continent to continue growing in the years ahead, as more and more African Christians discover the blessings that come with blessing Israel.

Egyptian Christians awakening to Israel
By: David Parsons

There are exciting developments for the ICEJ in North Africa as well. National branches were already established over the past decade in several countries in the central and western Sahara. Now we have a fresh opening to believers in Egypt who are seeking to spiritually connect with Israel due to the prophetic vision of Isaiah 19. They also are being drawn to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with us in Jerusalem because of the biblical invitation specifically to Egypt in Zechariah 14:16-18.

At this year’s Feast, we are expecting to host – for the very first time – a large group of Egyptian pilgrims, which just happens to coincide with the 40th anniversary since the signing of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. Over recent years, the Holy Spirit has been working on the hearts of many born-again Christians in Egypt to explore and observe the biblical festivals and the Hebraic roots of our faith. They are now eager to ascend to Jerusalem and experience the Feast of Tabernacles with fellow Christians from all over the world. And we are looking forward to welcoming them to the City of the Great King at this divinely appointed time!


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