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A Meal, A Bath, & A Way of Escape

Red Carpet

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22 Mar 2019
A Meal, A Bath, & A Way of Escape

Women who are abused, lost and hurting have found a well of hope amid south Tel Aviv’s desert of prostitution, poverty, slavery and addiction. This hope is found at the “Red Carpet” ministry center which receives women in distress, some even near death.

When they first enter the center, many women are shocked to see fellow prostitutes being cared for with a tender grace. A small Israeli lady greets them at the door and wraps each one in a hug. The warmth easily touches hearts as they are introduced to volunteers eager to offer a nice lunch. They talk with the women as if they were old friends. After a hearty meal, the women are offered a hot shower, plus a free haircut and manicure, before they are ushered to a special area to pick out new clothes, shoes and bags, along with toiletries and other necessary items. These are all luxuries, as many of these women are homeless. Treated for once with dignity and respect, they leave the center a little different than when they arrived.

This description of life in south Tel Aviv is not fiction. Sadly, it is the reality for countless women who have been trafficked and now are caught in the snare of prostitution in central Israel. Thankfully for them, the Red Carpet center is not fictitious either, but a ministry birthed out of the godly compassion of a believing Israeli couple who saw women in need and decided to reach out to them. The work they do is physically and emotionally demanding, and comes at the cost of their family time, their rest, and their own pocketbook.

Today, the center provides numerous services for these battered women, including supplies for infants and new mothers. Many of the women are simply seeking warmth and support, while others are desperate to escape the vicious trap of prostitution.

Red Carpet’s work is highly sensitive and dangerous. A security guard is stationed at the door to prevent pimps from trying to forcibly drag the girls back to the streets. Inside, some of the women have been known to turn violent against themselves or the workers out of fear or a drug-induced hysteria. Workers at the center must be extremely sensitive to the moods of the women and often simply sit and listen to their stories in order to provide emotional support.

Regrettably, some of the women are dying from sexually transmitted diseases. To them, the Red Carpet team offers the redeeming love of the Lord and their most earnest prayers.

For those who seek to escape this abusive profession, Red Carpet offers the safety and tools to take back their lives. Women who are pregnant can receive prenatal support and counseling – hopefully securing one crucial victory at a time in the fight against abortion.

The Red Carpet center is salvaging and changing lives forever. Without the center, these women would have nowhere to turn to flee their enslavement. The continued support of ICEJ donors is vital to helping rescue these extremely vulnerable women. Please also pray for these women, that they would find the courage and strength to break away from their cruel masters and seek help from the center. And pray for the Red Carpet workers, that they might have the grace and power needed to truly help these women become free and whole again.


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