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Israel Responds to Rocket Barrage From Gaza

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27 Nov 2019 (All day)
Israel Responds to Rocket Barrage From Gaza
IDF units in Israel’s south were on high alert Wednesday following an overnight barrage of rockets from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip which prompted the Air Force to hit Hamas infrastructure in the Strip in retaliation. "We deem a rocket that does not cause damage to be the same as a rocket that does," Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said. “Those who fire will be hit.” The rocket barrage coincided with a “day of rage” which the PA declared for Tuesday and which involved thousands of Palestinians rioting in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against a recent declaration by the US that Israeli settlement communities are not illegal under international law.

Lehava Leader Indicted for Racism and Incitement
Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein, head of the Lehava organization which has, among other things, been involved in demonstrations against Israeli Believers and has also agitated against personal relationships between Jews and Arabs, was indicted on Tuesday. Gopstein’s indictment indicated that he was being charged regarding public statements he made between 2012 to 2017 which the court had determined were tantamount to encouraging physical violence and intimidation.

Arab Journalists Tour Israel
In another sign of Israel’s growing relations with its Arab neighbors, a group of journalists from Saud Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Egypt toured Israel in recent days as guests of the Foreign Ministry. “My goal is to bring people here to get to know the real Israel, to see it first hand, and not through television or social media, and see how Israel is unjustly slandered,” said Hassan Kaabia, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman for the Arabic media who organized and accompanied the group.

SodaStream Plant to Undergo Massive Expansion
In yet another defeat for the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel, intenational beverage conglomerate PepsiCo announced this week that it will expand its plant in southern Israel producing products for SodaStream, an Israeli company it acquired a few years ago. The announcement said the plant expansion at the site in an industrial park near Rahat would cost $92 million and create over 1,000 new jobs, nearly twice as many as already exist there.

Today's video gives some analysis of the situation in Israel's Eastern Neighbor, Jordan


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