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Israel’s New Labor Leader Lauded by PA and Israeli-Arabs

Herzog to Stay On as Opposition Leader

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13 Jul 2017 (All day)
Israel’s New Labor Leader Lauded by PA and Israeli-Arabs
Leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Israeli-Arab politicians had many good things to say Wednesday  about Avi Gabby, the new chairman of Israel’s Labor Party, with several saying they looked forward to a time when he would succeed in his stated goal of ousting Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s Prime Minister and usher in a left wing governing coalition. “He is a new figure and young,” said Meretz MK Esawi Freij. “Apparently he brings the people in the Labor party hope.”

However, Mtanes Shehadeh, secretary-general of the Balad faction in the Joint (Arab) List, was less enthusiastic, saying, “It may be that on the issue of the occupation he will be less extremist than Netanyahu, but that doesn’t substantially change the reality.”

Meanwhile, ousted Labor chairman Isaac Herzog will retain his role as leader of the opposition in the Knesset, reportedly at the request of Gabbay, who cannot take up the post himself as he is not an elected member of Knesset.

Here is a video about the history of the Knesset


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