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Iranian Regime Receives Several Pieces of Bad News

Protests Continue in Several Iranian Cities

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9 Jul 2018 (All day)
Iranian Regime Receives Several Pieces of Bad News
Negotiations in Vienna over the weekend between Iran and Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany aimed at salvaging the JCPOA nuclear deal following the US decision to withdraw ended on Sunday without any tangible progress. Diplomats issued vague statements about goals and blamed each other for the lack of apparent progress in the talks, while a series of announcements were made by corporations from several countries that they were pulling out of the Iranian economy and protests against the clerical regime in Teheran continued in several Iranian cities.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Dutch ambassador in Tehran to rebuke Holland for what was characterized as an "unfriendly" and "unconstructive" expulsion of two staff members of the Iranian Embassy in The Hague. The expulsions came amidst arrests of Iranian nationals, including an accredited diplomat, in several European countries on suspicion that they were part of a plot to carry out terrorist attacks on European soil.

Dutch airline KLM announced over the weekend it was cutting all flights in and out of Iran, citing what it described as “a result of the negative results and financial outlook." Elsewhere, French shipping group CMA CGM announced it is suspending operations in Iran because of US sanctions. Meanwhile, South Korea announced over the weekend that it is suspending oil imports from Iran, cutting off a major source of income for the regime.

Finally, self-described “human-rights group” Amnesty International issued a statement over the weekend calling on Iranian officials to guarantee its citizens access to clean drinking water, following a riot last week in the Province of Khuzestan which began as a protest against the lack of potable water in the region. 


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