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Gaza Launched Barrage Into Israel Prompts Retaliation

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Posted on: 
13 Jun 2019
Gaza Launched Barrage Into Israel Prompts Retaliation
A rocket was fired into Israeli territory from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Thursday morning before being intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system and prompting retaliatory strikes by IDF aircraft. The incident came a day after large numbers of incendiary devices attached to kites and balloons were sent into Israeli territory from the Strip, igniting several large fires which burned crops and forests inside Israel. On Wednesday evening, in response to the barrage of incindiery devices, Israel took the highly unusual step of forbidding fishing boats in Gaza from leaving port entirely, following earlier restrictions on the ranges they could go out to sea.

Netanyahu Suffers Legal Setback
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffered a legal setback on Wednesday evening when the Tel Aviv Economic Crimes Division rejected his lawyers assertion that he deserves a delay in his pre-indictment hearing on several charges of fraud and bribery because they have not provided all the necessary documentation in the cases. The hearing, scheduled for 2-3 October, will make it more difficult for Netanyahu to proceed with his plans to push legislation through the Knesset granting immunity from prosecution for sitting elected officials.

In related news, Justice Minister Amir Ohana told Channel 12 on Wednesday that he may not obey rulings by the Israeli Supreme Court if they contradict his views on what is needed to guarantee national security. He also said he’s continue to support Netanyahu’s legislative agenda including his efforts to shield sitting elected officials from prosecution while in office and other limits on the courts ability to veto Knesset legislation.

Gabbay Announces Retirement from Politics
Outgoing Labor Party chairman Avi Gabbay, who announced on Tuesday that he will not run for another term as factional leader in upcoming primaries, took it a step further on Wednesday and announced he’s terminating his own political career entirely. He explained that he was taking the step to avoid an appearance of undermining whoever becomes the next chairman, adding that the four former chairmen who had positions in the party while technically being subordinate to him were part of the reason his tenure was so difficult and unproductive.

“One of the problems with the culture in our party is that former party chairmen remain on our list,” he said. “In the world outside of politics, when a director-general finishes his job, he moves on and does not become subordinate to someone who was under him before. I had four former chairmen under me, which naturally leads to personal problems, and I did not want to continue that phenomenon.”

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