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Gaza Border Forces on Alert Following Weekend Attacks

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12 Aug 2019
Gaza Border Forces on Alert Following Weekend Attacks
IDF units deployed along the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip were on high alert Monday morning after intercepting several attempts by terrorists to infiltrate into Israel over the weekend. A total of five terrorists were shot dead by IDF troops while attempting to breach the border fence in two separate incidents on Saturday and Sunday morning, respectively. “Your job is to defend the state’s borders and its citizens, and that is what you did here – very successfully – due to a quick assessment, precise use of weapons, a correct solution, fighting spirit and determination,” IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi told a group of soldiers while touring the border region.

Here is a video about the incident Saturday morning

Dissent Growing in Iran Despite Crackdown
Reports out of Iran over the weekend indicate that security forces have begun a crackdown on activists opposing the continued rule of the clerical regime headed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. An open letter posted by activists in June called for reforms, saying among other things that elections held for the national parliament are a sham because only candidates who have sworn personal allegiance to the Supreme Leader and pledged to support his agenda regardless of what ordinary citizens might want or need are allowed to run for office. Despite the crackdown, demonstrations against the regime have continued in several cities.
Here is a video about the Iranian regime’s threats to its neighbors

Suspects in Murder of Yeshiva Student/Soldier Arrested
Several Palestinian men and one woman suspected of participating in the murder of 19-year old IDF Cpl. Dvir Sorek and dumping his lifeless body near the community of Migdal Oz, south of Jerusalem, were arrested by Israeli security forces over the weekend. Sorek was part of the Hesder programs Machanayim Yeshiva in Migdal Oz, which allowed him to combine Yeshiva study with military service, an option popular among Israel’s Modern Orthodox community.


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