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Extreme Heat Sparks Dozens of Fires in Israel

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18 Jul 2019
Extreme Heat Sparks Dozens of Fires in Israel
Wednesday’s extreme heat wave caused great economic damage and discomfort to Israelis, with a rash of wildfires adding to the difficulties. Firefighters were mobilized in dozens of large and small communities and hundreds of homes and businesses were evacuated due to safety concerns. Magen David Adom reported over 120 cases of heat-related injuries around the country as temperatures of  50°C were reported in several locations. Meanwhile, Israel’s Red Sea resort city of Eilat reported receiving light rainfall, a rare occurrence for the southern Negev region in the month of July. The Israel Electric Corporation also reported that during the day, a record-breaking 13,521 megawatts was being consumed throughout the country.

PA Looking for Ways to Cut Economic Ties with Israel
Reports out of Ramallah indicate that the Palestinian Authority leadership is attempting to build closer economic ties with neighboring Arab states in an effort to reduce economic dependence on Israel. “The move is part of the Palestinian development strategy for 2017-2020,” Azmy Abd al-Rahman, spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority’s Economy Ministry, told The Media Line. “We are currently studying which Israeli products the Palestinian market can dispense with.”

Large Delegation of French Lawmakers Visits Israel
French parliamentarian Constance Le Grip, part of a large delegation of French lawmakers currently visiting Israel, told journalists on Wednesday that her country needs to take a less ambiguous stance on issues in the Middle East, particularly in support of Israel. “I would like my country to be more supportive of Israeli democracy, and on some issues not be so naïve…on some issues I am not sure that trying to be totally balanced allows you to be understood, listened and effective,” she said.

Here is a video showing part of the meeting the French lawmakers had with Israeli leaders

Russian Ground Forces Engaged in Syria
The leaders of rebel factions battling Syria’s Assad regime told international media this week that Russia has sent Special Forces troops to fight alongside regime forces in Idlib province, deepening Moscow’s involvement in the conflict. Iranian-backed militias which had previously been engaged in regrouping exercises following years of active combat have also been forced to engage the rebels, who have stubbornly held out for over two months despite the regime’s expectations.

Today's video features a recent speech by a leader of the Islamist terror militia Hamas


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