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Help Ukrainian Jews Come Home

Urgent Appeal for endangered Jews in the Ukraine

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Ukrainian Revolution

The ongoing revolution in Ukraine has caused great concern for the Jewish people living there. Both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian elements are blaming Jews for provoking the current crisis and neo-Nazi forces are taking advantage of the chaos to make their presence felt in the streets. Thus many Jews are thinking about moving to Israel and some have already begun making their preparations to leave. The Jewish Agency reported last week that the number of Jews making aliyah from Ukraine has already doubled so far in 2014.

The Jewish Agency has bolstered its staff in the Ukraine with more Aliyah coordinators in order to meet the increased demand. There is also constant contact between Israeli officials and the Ukrainian Jewish community to monitor their status.

The Jewish Agency for Israel has also approached the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem with an official and urgent request for assistance in bringing Ukrainian Jews to safety in Israel. There is a special need at present for funding to cover transport and logistics for poorer Jewish families in the Ukraine who cannot afford the travels costs at present.

Since the early 1990s, the ICEJ has sponsored over 42,000 Ukrainian Jews in making their way home to Israel. Some were courageously evacuated by Christians from conflict zones, while others made the decision to move to Israel under quieter conditions. But this unexpected crisis in the Ukraine now demands that we act once again to bring needy and endangered Jews home from this troubled region.

So please help us by making your most generous contribution today for the urgent aliyah of Jews from Ukraine:


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