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Help Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah

Amid Coronavirus, A New Wave of Aliyah!

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Help Ethiopian Jews return home

A New Wave of 2,000 by End of 2020!

The Israeli government has just announced plans to bring at least 2,000 more Ethiopian Jews to Israel by the end of December 2020!

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem immediately welcomed this decision to accelerate the Ethiopian Aliyah and reaffirmed our commitment to do all we can to assist with their successful immigration and absorption in Israel.

Since 2015, the Christian Embassy has funded Aliyah flights for over 2,200 Ethiopian olim, including 268 this year – despite the Corona travel bans. And we remain committed to helping bring home as many as we can from among this latest wave of Ethiopian Jews.

Aliyah is often an urgent humanitarian mission, which is so obvious in the case of the Ethiopian Jewish remnant still living in rundown transit camps after all these years.

Please pray about what you can do to help these very deserving people, many of whom have waited in transit camps for more than 20 years to re-join their families in Israel. Be part of this fulfillment of prophecy and help finance more flights! 

Sponsor a ticket (or partial ticket) for one Ethiopian Jew to come home!


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