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Equipped for Action

Practical training on how to stand with Israel

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Stand with Israel


Please check back for details of forthcoming Training Days.


What is 'Equipped For Action'?

On two occasions recently we have had the privilege to be in meetings with the Israeli Ambassador. On both occasions he expressed his and the Israeli Government’s deep appreciation of the way Christians support Israel, but he went on to challenge the Christians present to be more pro-active in standing with Israel.
Over the coming months, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – UK will be conducting regional training days to help equip the saints for practical action in standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

Topics covered include: 

· Communicating with MPs and Government Offices
· Dealing with the Media
· Public Speaking
· Using PowerPoint
· Debating Skills and Writing Skills
· Addressing the Israeli Boycott
· Planning an event
· Plus much more….


This is a call to action with the tools to do the job. If you would like to organise a training day in your area please contact the ICEJ-UK office.

Below is a short ‘parable’ from which the course was born.  We do hope you will be able to attend this or a future training day.  Please pass this information on to anyone whom you think might be interested to attend – thank you.

‘In the thick of it’ – a parable.

The King had gone on a journey, not saying when he would return. Outside his growing kingdom was a small village from which he originated. He told his servants to care for the village whilst he was away. One servant couldn’t care less what happened to the village and totally ignored the command to care for it. He was ignorant of its importance and became a critic of the village saying it wasn’t anything special.  The second servant stood at a distance and just observed. Though he was interested in the welfare of the village, he felt that keeping informed and watchful was enough. Each day he would enquire of the village and fill his mind with information and knowledge. The third servant knew he had to do something and so decided to ‘dabble’ around the edges. He would attend the occasional public meeting to discuss the future of the village, but never acted on anything that he heard required action. He felt a partial commitment to the village but decided that getting too involved was not his responsibility. The fourth servant was a soldier. He knew that knowledge brought responsibility. He also knew that when the King gave a commission or command he had to act, so he got involved in the care and welfare of the village. In the process he made many friends and felt a ‘special’ relationship with the people from whom the King had originated. When criticism of the people arose, he stood up for the truth. When a need became known he did all he could to help address it. He knew that soon the King would return and merge the village into his kingdom. He also knew that the King would rule over the greatest kingdom there would ever be. Whenever he heard of a threat, whether small or large, he would get into the thick of it for the sake of the King and a love of the King’s people.

Though this parable is not from the Bible, the truth of the matter is that the God and King of Israel has given us, the Church, a mandate to get involved in His purposes regarding Israel and the Jewish people. Knowledge does have its responsibility. What am I going to do about it? Which servant are you – couldn’t care less, observer, dabbler or soldier?

Our regional one day training seminars entitled ‘Equipped for Action’ will cover areas that we can all get involved in. It’s a call to action with the tools to do the job. If you would like to organise a training day in your area please contact the ICEJ-UK office.


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