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Balfour 100

Partner in this Great Enterprise

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On Tuesday 7th November thousands of Christians and Jews gathered at the Royal Albert Hall to enjoy an amazing evening of music, dance and drama in celebration of the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

This wonderful and momentous occasion is now available on DVD for just £5.  The full programme is included. 

Click here to see a clip from the evening as ICEJ President Jürgen Bühler addressed the audience at the close of the programme.

Souvenir Magazine
With readable and inspiring articles from numerous expert contributors, this commemorative magazine tells the story of how God’s promise to his historic people was recognised and pursued by Jews and Christians alike until the momentous Balfour Declaration by the British Government 100 years ago. But the story doesn’t end there… ongoing partnerships between Christians and Jews continue to play a significant part in this unfolding modern miracle!
The magazine is of the highest quality in both content and presentation and will be a wonderful keepsake  for many years.
Please contact us to purchase copies of the Magazine and DVD via check or bank transfer, or click the link below.
DVD: £5 + £2 P&P
Magazine: £3 + £2 P&P
Special offer: DVD + Magazine £10 inc P&P


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