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ICEJ UK is committed to comforting Israel, to confronting hatred and to teaching truth. They are all linked and our advocacy work combines all three.

The Israel Britain Alliance

ICEJ UK is a member of the IBA along with many other Jewish, Christian and secular organisations.  Together we educate politicians and key stakeholders about the challenges that Israel faces as the only democracy in the Middle East, and celebrate Israel’s relationship with Britain on crucial issues like trade and security.   Please watch this info video, and for more campaign videos and information click HERE


Recently we answered the call of the Danish Branch and promoted a petition addressing the serious issue of the name "Israel" deing deleted from a new translation of the Bible.  Please read more HERE  

Standing with the Jewish Community in the UK

We are keen to develop friendship and relationship with the UK Jewish community and in recent years have been able to host joint 'Night to Celebrate Israel' events in Manchester - see HERE for photos.

ICEJ UK team members and supporters have also joined rallies in Manchester to speak out against terror and anti-semitism.  





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