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Getting to the heart of what modern Israel means for the Church

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Paul Parkhouse, UK Development Director, has written two short, readable booklets, which are an excellent resource to give out to church leaders and Christian friends.

Game Changer

'What modern Israel means for your gospel, your faith and your church'  


'A Tale of Two Gospels' - How modern Israel points us to a bigger Gospel

'Land and Family' - Why one land and one family are still important to God

'A Covenant Kingdom' - What Christians should know about God's covenants

'One New Man' - The uneasy history of Israel and the Church

'Wars and Rumours' - How Christians should approach the present day Conflict

'God of Israel' - What modern Israel tells us about God today




Plan A

'What modern Israel reveals about the original and unchanging purposes of God'

'Voice in the Wilderness' - How Israel's rebirth points to an ancient plan

'Heart of the Gospel' - How the New Covenant reveals the purpose of that plan

'Plan A' - Exploring the plan God launched before salvation was ever needed

'Law and Peace' - What this Plan A reveals about the New Covenant 

'Forgotten Feast' - How Plan A makes sense of Israel's unfinished story

'The Bush is Burning' - God's invitation for us to join that story

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An inspiring insight into how an Almighty God uses imperfect people acting in an imperfect way to bring about His perfect will.  David Campbell, Elim Regional Leader, Metropolitan East & Metropolitan West

[Plan A is] such a refreshing and inspiring read as it so simply reveals the unchanging purposes of God for Israel. It will enlighten, exalt and encourage all who read it. Dennis Greenidge, Senior Pastor, Worldwide Mission Fellowship, London 

Plan A unfolds God’s heart for relationship with Israel and the Jews – past, present and future – and what that means for you, the church and the nations. This book is a must read – timely, relevant revelation.  Clive Urquhart, Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith


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